A contemporary recital hall and community gathering space, recast for a modern Atlanta

The original Bobby Jones Clubhouse, built in 1944, is not an architecturally preserved landmark. Nonetheless, there is much to lose with its deterioration. Its once elegant façade symbolized Atlanta’s position as the capital of the South, and memorializing the building’s role in the Civil Rights movement and the integration of public parks is long overdue. With a location on a spur of the Atlanta BeltLine, the repurposing of the old clubhouse into a recital hall and community gathering space makes it well positioned to become a city-wide source of pride and enchantment.

The Space

Music Training

From music for infants to a masterclass with professional musicians, The Studios will be a space bursting with musical energy and discovery.

Community Space

Nestled in a residential area, we are acutely aware that the community is the ultimate arbiter of our success. The recital hall will offer a communal gathering place for meetings, including surounding neighborhood associations.


The processes and approaches to classical music are deeply ingrained, with centuries of tradition and history. It is only in the past decade classical performing arts have recognized the patron experience encompasses more than just the quality of the art. The performance starts when the patron buys the ticket. This hospitality will extend through a diverse array of musical programming not limited to classical music.


With a dedicated soundproof studio and machine room for recording, editing, and mastering, we will have the space and equipment to produce state- of-the-art audio for artists, sound engineers, and commercial enterprises. Additionally, technology will be in place to ultimately broadcast select performances onto screens facing the Northwest BeltLine Connector Trail.